Black Friday post

Its Black Friday, and this is my post:

Yesterday was Thanksgiving…. I don’t get into the sappy family thing much but here are some things i am thankful for:

1: My wife–she is pretty cool most of the time

2: Freethought–it has brought me to the happiest point in my life thus far

3: A job–as much as i hate it at times, alot of folks are without them currently

4: This blog–i would be nuts without some sort of place to air my greivances (get the Festivus reference there?)

Since i feel the need to complain just a tad today, some things I am NOT thankful for:

1: Christmas–I hate christmas

2: The war on Christmas-Yea, im sick of it—just to annoy those of you that take up this cause every year because someone wants to say Happy Holidays and be all inclusive IM gonna call it Xmas—there it is, X mas…no jesus there haha!

3: Christmas Music—if you like it then you may be worse off than first thought

4: Christmas lights— gaudy and wasteful

5:Christmas Shopping—its just …i hate it. People, like my wife, right now, blackfriday shopping with money they dont have buying things they and I don’t need or on credit they cant afford.

Read more: This is a letter to the editor i wrote last year @ xmas time

Relavent Rhino has a good post about the war on christmas–check it out (!Language Warning!)