I has a award!

The Blog My Life as a Mother and Single Parent has nominated RagingRev for an award! She didn’t say why, but i can only reckon that its on account of how awesome and humble I am. So thanks very much.part of the award is that I have to provide 8 facts about myself as well as nominate 8 others for it.


1: I have alot of animals in my house-2 fish, a turtle named Gilbert, 2 female fancy rats (Sniffy and Sneezy), and two poodles-Libby a black toy about 3 years old and Grandma Luna a silver/grey Mini poodle about 3 years old whom happens to be very very strange.

2:I love to study and collect Occult books, knowing about things that people technically aren’t supposed to know about is something that has always interested me–some of the books are expensive so my collection is small.

3: On that same note–though it isn’t truly Occult, the Satanic BibleĀ  by Anton Szandor Lavey is one of my favorite books of all time—as a Christian it inpired me through showing me the power that being a hypocrite could hold over the life of another (read the first page of the book to understand why)–as an Atheist it inspires me to hold others accountable for their actions against me and to pursue humanism as a way of life.

4:I have trichotillomania–first time i remember pulling was in 5th grade. Though i have the worst of it fairly well under control.

5:I also have Dermatophagia

6:I am obsessive compulsive about being on time—15 minutes early is how I define on time. People that are chronically late are people that don’t give a damn and should not be given your business, affection, attention, care, or respect.

7: I am a member of the 911 Truth movement- I believe that the events of 911 should be reinvestigated immediately—right this time.

8: Eight facts is alot to think about

Now, to those i nominate:

1: Cetta

2: Aimey

3: Robert

4: Tony

5: Russ

6: Hedonist Adventure

7: Mike

8: ArtConstellation-an incest survivors blog