Debate Request

I really have a hankering for a serious debate…seriously…someone..please…contact me with information and we will do a debate…somewhat formal, you choose the topic…Ray Comfort wouldn’t do it—someone please..

Religious debates only folks—i need something to blog about…

Unless some of you have really good reccomendations for topics—if so…please let me know

  • We could always get started on something again…. but that wouldn’t be religious. By the way, did you go buy that book?

  • Matt

    heck no, i got busy and forgot, im going saturday if i can though.

  • Still thinking of a few things but I had to write and tell you I love the large ad to the right! Yes, I’m tired of those spam mails, besides, I’m a woman!

    Let’s see – there is no such thing as chance, it’s God intervening in the lives of His people? Or why do we have a biological spiritual area in our brains if there’s no spirit world?

  • The rules of debate and whether they are ignored by either side in religious debates? Whether all religions are the same (eg zeitgeist documentary), the possibility of religeous commandments having an sound almost-scientific reasoning behind them that may have been diluted with time?

    The horse as an example of unintelligent design. I’ve thought about that one a lot, and know the faults in my own arguement already :S.

  • I'm up for the challenge, Matt. How about whether or not belief in science is on the same level as belief in a religion? That's just the first off the top of my head, but I'd be willing to entertain other topics as well.

  • I wonder how many requests for debate that Ray Comfort receives in a day…

    I just might be considerable.

    • Matt

      I know he gets alot of them, but not alot of formal ones…not many that will go with his terms…i am willing to do just that.