I have found a new timesuck: Yahoo Answers!

Last night I was doing…something, hell if I can remember, and I stumbled upon Yahoo! Answers and decided to answer a question regarding why one should or should not believe in god. Well, I gave an answer to that question and then browsed around for more interesting questions and before you know it I was addicted.

Since my account is still at level one I am limited to 20 answers per day but I find myself checking for new questions to answer and it drives me crazy. Go sign up it really is a lot of fun

Here is how it works:

Someone asks a question. Anyone with an answer writes up an answer for the question. Anyone that reads the questions can give the answer a thumbs up or down. The asker can either choose which answer is best and it gets featured at the top of the page, or the thumbs up eventually make something the best answer…Answers get you 2 points, questions take away 5 points, best answers give you 10 points and a thumbs up gets you 1 point.

It is rather addictive, thought I would share, if you join add me to your buddy list on my Profile

  • Yeah, I read Yahoo Answers every now and then, sometimes there are good answers to good questions, and sometimes not so much.

  • Your link links me back to my own profile. I’m friar_tuck_000.

    While Yahoo answers is vast and ever growing there is an alternate service that I found which, while much smaller, is very freethinker friendly and home to a good bunch of people. It’s called Grupthink ( http://www.grupthink.com ).

  • So the most popular answers rise to the top? I’ll have to check this out – time to make up some stuff – nobody likes the truth. 😀

  • Yup it is really interesting nd gives a kind of satisfaction to me when I share my experience to help some one out there. I’m in level 2 nd I even asked a question nd within minutes I got about 10 answers 🙂

  • I agree it’s so addictive! I like reading and answering the philosophy section. I also used it in the past as inspiration for writing! Haven’t been there for ages but I think I will now 🙂

  • Yahoo Answers is easy to get hooked on. I put in quite a bit time there, but finally recovered. Hoping the same for you.

  • Hehe – I found this a few weeks ago. I’m still a low level so I can’t vote on other people’s answers yet. You’re so right about it being a good time waster though!

  • Interesting hint. I didn’t know of this before. Thank you for sharing….Happy Blogging

  • Mike

    Forgive me for my obvious sick sense of humor here, but I had to laugh (alot) when I read Friar_Zero’s recommendation to check out a site that is ‘free thinking’ friendly, but is call grupthink – the reason I laughed dude is because “groupthink” is a dangerous, sheeple like mindset that besets a group into ‘not thinking’ but going along with the group – I used to teach it in leadership training and it is what was primarily attributed to the shuttle Challenger explosion… Life is just full of irony… 😉 MM

  • Just stay out of the Religion and Politics categories if you are looking for sincerity. All of the trolls from the old days of the Yahoo Message Boards have made those two topics their home. Good for a laugh in those two tho!

  • Yes Mike, obviously it’s an intentionally facetious take on the word groupthink. 🙂

  • I have always wanted to sign up. Somebody told me it was good networking too and you can advertise your own “website” and try to draw traffic. I will have to look into this. Maybe I can save the ones you try to take… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • @ all, thanks for the comments…i have seen lots of trolls in the religion section, its annoying …but so far i have 4 best answers mostly in the computers area !!! woot

  • Hey Matt! Just letting you know I didn’t forget about that graphic if you still need it. I just didn’t have photoshop back yet since my HD failed and I lost everything. My friends sending me it today so. I hope to see you on MSN sometimes so we can discuss what you want it to look like! This download should finish by tonight.

  • My sister is addicted to Yahoo Answers… I have tried to stear clear of it – and have been successful in saving myself a lot of time 😀

  • Yahoo! Answers is ok, but the lack of any genuine moderation of the questions tends to ruin the experience.