Inspire me

Having major bloggers block, gonna try for a personal update tomorrow, but I need help thinking of a good topic for a major post…any ideas?

  • @ heresy:

    the only time I enjoy a smartass is when its me.

  • Here is an idea…

    “Human emotions, and how they hinder Free Thinking”.

    Seeing as their is no tangible evidence for their existence, and they cannot be proven scientifically, why not dismantle, and destroy them?

    Without a testable model to prove that human emotions exist, then they do not by default, just like many other things!

    Why believe folks who say they are Angry? In Love? Sad? Happy? I say PROVE IT! Show me the evidence. Hard, cold, factual evidence that cannot be verified by something silly as “Because I can feel it”, “Because I know it is true”, and other silly excuses that some folks like to use…

    Ya know…



  • As soon as someone tells me that I’m going to hell if I don’t believe in emotions then I’ll get out my dismantling tool kit.

  • Ash

    Hmmm…what are your thoughts on the Ted Haggard situation?

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts on the correlation between worship and justice 😀

  • @ worship:

    hmm, could you better expound on that, if you can do that I will try.

    @ Mike—true true

  • Mike

    Why do so many get suicidal in the face of failure? With all the evidence present – like the fact that its possible for anybody to rebuild if they’ve failed miserably; it just takes time, perseverence and patience – why do so many just give up? MM

  • I’m curious what your thoughts are on Afterlife. What do you think happens? What do most atheists think happens? What do your others readers think happens? Do you believe in near death experiences? How about ghosts?

  • @Matt Oxley…

    Awww… That’s not fair! I spent so much time thinking up that “booby trap”, the least you could have done was post an LOL knowing that answering it basically dismantles the human race itself…

    So lets try another…

    Why use science to disprove somethings that have no evidence, yet blatantly ignore those things that glaringly have no evidence?

    Debunking human emotions is a duck shoot! Debunking religion actually takes some effort…

    Like that ball right next to the pocket on the pool table, why not take the duck?

    C’mon Ox, work with me here! You said to discuss and debate, so I am…

  • @heresy
    The human body has a distinct/scientific biochemistry and modus operandi for each emotional state. Scientists can locate specific chemicals in people who are angry, anxious, or sad as well as those who are happy and loving.

    Here is an article entitled Renewal — Emotional Biochemistry that explains it.


    Saw a recent headline that stated Iraq US Military suicides went up something like 30% in 2008. I’m not sure who you are referring to giving up in the face of failure. But I imagine the Iraq military, who experience the complete insanity of war and then commit suicide, have been driven insane and are out of touch with time and perseverance. And some people who fail miserably, like a Wall Street banker who killed himself, have already given up (became a zombie) long before committing suicide.