Two Important Birthdays!

birthdaymonkeyToday I turned 23. Was a good birthday too because Mellissa @ Blackbird Coffee(the best little coffee shop in the world) gave me free coffee all day, I ended up with 3 Quad shot skinny cappuccinos and a sugar rush from the cinnamon roll she bought me for lunch (lunch of champions). I was wired all day, still am. I also had about 20 people say Happy Birthday on facebook…makes me feel loved just a little.

Tommorow is another important persons (you guys do know I am important right?) birthday, one Charles Darwin would be 200 years old tommorow, and Origin of Species turns 150 this year. In honor of Darwin this year I intened to purchase a copy of Origin of Species and read through it entirely…sadly I am too ignorant of evolution to defend it  well enough…I understand the premise, and it certainly makes sense and even seems to me to be obvious…but I have a lot to learn.


Tommorow I am going to try for an extensive rebuttal to Guy’s response to my last couple of posts….before he loses his mind (…nevermind). I will also try to fix the issues i have had with the WordPress upgrade if time allows.

  • Hey now! My mind? Lost?

    Maybe… 🙂

    You don’t have to respond if you don’t want to, or are too busy to. As long as you have read my comments, and hopefully listened to my “Freewill” podcast, that is good enough for me.

    I am just wanting to be a “founding member” of the “Freethinking Carders”! I want that designation of “FreeThinker” to wave around the “Christian Community”, that way they can call me an “Atheist Sympathizer”, “Heretic Traitor” and “Sinner”. Then I can gleefully consider the source, and laugh!!!

    Be sure to tell me when I have earned it, I am still plugging away trying to impress y’all to get it! LOL

  • Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Happy birthday!

  • WhooHooo!! Glad you had a happy birthday!!! oh, free coffee always = 🙂

  • Happy belated Birthday! May the Origin of Species bless you always. My understanding of evolution, which is probably a little different from Darwin, is that it’s an eternal solution (for both meanings of solution: 1. resolution of problems 2. fluid change).

    My blog coach installed an automatic upgrade for WP so that all I have to do to upgrade is a click or two. I suggest you search WP for its automatic upgrade. Or let me know if you want me to find the link.

  • Happy birthday.

  • I’m happy to know that you made it a year older so you can experience and learn more and help old people like me also learn more.

  • HAPPY BDAY!!! <33333333333333

  • so, did that monkey celebrate your birthday too? 😀

    happy birthday! 🙂

  • happy birtday 🙂