Month: March 2009

Logo Design Needed

As you all can see has gone through a bit of a face lift…and now that I have most of the kinks out of it I need to get the logo design straightened out in the header…it is a little blank up there and...

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Little Deborah Drapper

Recently our friend over at The Atheist Blogger wrote an interesting piece on Religious Child Abuse. In it he posted a video from a BBC Documentary about the Drapper family, a fundamentalist Christian – home schooling...

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New Theme and Threaded Replies

WOOHOO. So, I found a site with all sorts of really nice themes and I really fell in love with this one- It is called Javazine and it was built by the folks at Kriesi. It took a while for me to tweak it to work well with the...

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Debate & Discussion: Heresy

My ole budy Guy Vestal over at has decided to start an old fashioned mailing list for Religious discussion. I am going to be helping him moderate it and we want people from every religious background to join...

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