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Today: An Inauguration

At Noon today something will occur that I never thought I might see in my lifetime. A dream deferred will become a present reality. We may not be at the mountaintop, but finally now it will be something we can actually see. Where I grew up, in Middle Georgia, nigger is a word I hear […]

Atheists & Morality Rehashed

Russ, a Christian and Minister in the Missouri Synod of of the Lutheran Church, and I have been chatting with a certain frequency…for some reason it always lands on the subject of morality…we hit other subjects some times, but morality is one thing that we ALWAYS end up getting back to. Maybe I am not […]

Morality and God

Are morality and god interdependent? In other words, can morals exist outside of the spectrum of theism? Or, in other other words, is god the originator and defining substance behind morality? Recently myself and the Rev. Russ Troester had another long chat, this time we touched on the subject of belief in god essentially being […]

What if I am wrong about all of this?

A person I recently met through the Christian Bloggers Unite blog named Lisa recently posited the question to me thusly: Then my only other question would be: What if you are wrong? Surely that thought lives somewhere in the depths of your heart? And if you are, do you really want the blood of those […]

VeritasDomain responds to my Ray Comfort post

Dizzy, at Veritasdomain.wordpress.com was kind enough to post answers to my last post criticizing Ray Comforts Huntington Beach video. First of all, thank you dizzy for your response and very well thought out rebuttal, also thanks for making it point by point, certainly makes response easier. I am gonna do this like we normally do […]

Ray Comfort Vs The Evil Atheists

So the other day I was looking through blogs, dropping my Entrecard on different blogs. I tend to go for the religious/Christian blogs as much as I can, to get the whole Christian crowd to come here as much as possible… So I stumble upon The Powerhouse Ministry Blog and This Entry in particular. Evidently […]

Re: Bondservant of Christ-Why?

My last post has garnered alot of attention, relatively anyway…and i am finding that the method by which replies are sorted doesnt quite suit my normal methods of interaction..so i am going to post all of the replies i have recieved here and answer them…because the responses i have recieved have been good responses and […]