Xmas-7 Points to acknowledge for the thinking man.

December 17, 2006

Its been a while since I took the time to write an entry—I have less and less time to actually do this lately—I miss it something terrible though. I think the main reason I haven’t done it though, is because all this Christmas bullshit going around—-I am so sick of it. I get so sick of explaining to people whom should know better why I don’t celebrate the holiday—and I am so sick of being attacked as a person because I do not celebrate it. AND WHOM are the worst ones about this? CHRISTIANS—-

So lets set it straight for all the Jerry Fallwells of the world—

1: NO ONE is attacking Christmas— People just don’t want to be badgered by a holiday that they don’t celebrate, so next time someone says “happy holidays” to you in walmart, and you get offended because they didn’t say Christmas—just shut the hell up.

2: There is no Christ in Christmas—there never was—wake the hell up folks—it’s a freaking pagan holiday with 100% purely pagan roots. What you are celebrating is a: The Phallic Tree, b: The Equinox (Saturnalia), c: The Birth of Mithra (Mithraimism), d: Natalis Solis Invicti and e: Yule . If you want Christ and Christmas to have anything to do with one another, you might just have to create a brand new holiday. SO STOP thinking that the “liberal media” is trying to secularize your holy day-it was secular from the beginning. AND DON’T give me this bullshit about how YOU celebrate the BABY JESUS—because you know good and damn well you don’t. We were never asked to celebrate the birth, only the resurrection—so get over yourself.

3: Holiday greetings are more appropriate than Christmas Greetings—why? Because there are five major holidays during the time at which these phrases are used. 1:Kwanzaa, 2: Hanukkah, 3: Christmas (Saturnalia), 4: Thanksgiving, and 5: The New Year. I don’t hear any Jews getting pissed off about seeing Christmas trees at places, in fact, This article shows just how intolerant our nation is to other celebrations. And what’s funny is that Hanukkah is not at all pagan—REAL, BELIEVABLE miracles happened during those 8 days thousands of years ago. I don’t hear any African Americans angry because they don’t get Kinaras everywhere. Nope, no one cares but the Christians—but THEY think they are being attacked! Of all people, the CHRISTIANS, or should I say the evangelical church goers whom aren’t the least bit CHRISTIAN, are being attacked and berated by evil culture and media. OY VEY!

4: Christ was NOT a capitalist (philosophically speaking)—therefore there is NO WAY in hell he would have endorsed such a holiday. On that note, I doubt there are very many churches in this world He would have much to do with now though. Seeing as how the goal of the church is now to increase membership thereby increasing the funds raised in the plates, and thusly increasing the reach and scope of investments so that they can further their message. In the end a lot of church CEO’s are getting extremely rich from a perverted version of a FREE gospel.

5: Xmas=Christmas. So next time you see Xmas, don’t be offended—X=Chi in the greek alphabet, the first letter of Christ or XP (Chi-Ro). X is just as appropriate here as Christ—it is completely inappropriate to hold pagan holidays in the name of Christ.

6:Fundamentalist nutjobs (see Jerry Fallwell, the Southern Baptist Church, and Puritans et al) haven’t always approved of Christmas, It was even Banned by the Puritans in the 1700’s. Truth is unchanging—so why the change of heart?

7: I am not evil—as all men , I was born in sin, and thusly suffer from the same affliction of carnality that everyone else does. I do not think I am better than anyone—I simply know that I have made effort, unlike the majority of the decrepit church, to learn as much as I can so that I can KNOW God. I am no Gnostic, but I have Gnosis