Extimony Rebuttal

A friend of mine responded to my Extimony via Myspace mail…First will be his post, then mine follows From: David Date: Aug 22, 2008 12:27 PM Thanks. You really put a lot of thought into that and I enjoyed the insight. Moreover, I applaud your objectivity, but I’m a little thrown by the way one…

Having trouble viewing entries?

I have had a few reports of people having trouble viewing the links in the last entry…if you are having trouble please comment here or message me on the meebo client on the right side of the screen… the link in particular was the extimony link…please test it for me if you dont mind…thanks

New Blog is OPEN!

Hi there fellow bloggers…My blog is now open at The Oxley @ Ronald If you are new to myself and my blog, thats absolutely cool…check out my About Me page for a short intro into who I am…I also reccomend everyone read my Extimony post to familiarize yourself with my struggle out of my…