New Blog is OPEN!

Hi there fellow bloggers…My blog is now open at The Oxley @ Ronald

If you are new to myself and my blog, thats absolutely cool…check out my About Me page for a short intro into who I am…I also reccomend everyone read my Extimony post to familiarize yourself with my struggle out of my former faith: Christianity.

If you are familiar with me and my old Livejournal account you will know that my blogging style changes alot, sometimes I can fill a few pages, sometimes I struggle getting a good paragraph out …I plan on increasing my creative potential as much as I can to make this blog a resource for anyone going through similar things.

I also intend to either use this blog as a tech blog too, or to make a completely separate blog for that purpose…I look forward to any feedback you can provide on that.

Also, the URL is completely temporary, I am in the process of buying a nice domain, with a good name that will bring visitors from around the globe…if you have any feedback or ideas on that, I could REALLY use it…so please help with that by commenting on this post any ideas you have about a good name for both this blog and a tech blog.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for your time, and thanks for putting up with my ranting and raving….it should be fun.