Updates: Coughing, Godless/Freethinking Carders,Forum, Adgitize

Hey folks, just a quicky here because I don’t have time for a full fledged post. First of all , thanks to all those that are participating in the discussion on the last entry about Atheism and Morality, please join in on it and add your own thoughts to the pot–comments from readers and constructive discourse is the REASON I HAVE THIS BLOG!

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Godless Carders/Freethinking Carders

Godless Carders is now going to be called Freethinking Carders, and the project is still underway, there is a link at the top of every page to the Freethinking Carders page where updates will be held from now on…so feel free to check that out for the rules and standards, as well as the purposes for it…leave comments or email me to add anything to that

Still sick!

Not bad sick, but I still have this damn cough and it will not go away…also, last Friday I ended up having the most incredibly painful headache I have ever had…I don’t know if it technically counts as a migraine but it started at the front of the right side of my head, worked its way down to my ear, then down to my teeth (they were hurting, seriously, and then to the back of my head and neck….It has happened twice now and it lasts for hours…the only thing I can do to make if feel a little better is to get in a really hot shower and just let the water hit my head for about 30 minutes…It might not happen again, its been about 4 days since the last one…but it sucks hardcore.

New Forum

I just started posting on a new forum at Atheist Think Tank, it’s still small but seems pretty cool, some of the discussions are very well thought out and the members consist of both non-theists and a few Christians as well…I like to start out on forums while they are still new, so that I can feel like I don’t have to catch up too much, so feel free to join up now and join in…


In the next couple of weeks I am going to prepare a guide for Adgitize users on how to best utilize the service to properly monetize your blog without losing the actual content of being a real readable blog…so I hope some of you are looking forward to that. Still want folks to sign up thru the link at the bottom of the page please!!!!

Adgitize your web site.

see you tomorrow for FUN FRIDAY!