a quick note. Antivirus

Since I am spending my Saturday working my arse off cleaning viruses from computers that had no antivirus software I am going to officially whore my blog out to promote a product. THIS IS NOT A PAID POST. This is serious and you should do just as I say right now.

Remove any virus software you have unless it’s AVG, COMODO, or AVAST.

Go download Avast Antivirus Home Free edition from http://avast.com. Install it and register it…its free guys…and its good…it catches most everything and its cheaper than Norton’s bulky pile of crap.

then…just to be safe

go to http://malwarebytes.org and download MalwareBytes…do a full scan on your computer…i bet you 10 bucks you got something on there…and remove that stuff…THATS THE STUFF YOUR OLD ANTIVIRUS MISSED

NEXT: go to http://firefox.com and download firefox and never look at IE7 or 6 again…ever for any reason…they still have a huge security hole in them that you have to deal with which is where MOST of todays major viruses like Vondurante come from…do it

yea im a little miffed…but go do this

sorry for the brevity of this post…and the bad grammar

  • I have been an AVG fan for quite a long time, but it too can miss things that only Malware Bytes can find! 🙂 But indeed AVG is still the best. And why more folks are not using Maleware Bytes is still beyond me.

    You need to add Zone Alarm to those two for the complete defensive package… http://www.zonealarm.com/ It is free as well…

    And as for Firefox? I do not pity those that have yet to change. The word has been out long enough to make “ignorance of its existence” a non-issue. Even my websites have always been built to be best seen in FF since I can remember. LOL

  • djpray

    Very wise advice, Matt. I have spent several weeks…it seems…cleaning viruses off a computer here in the Philippines. I now have avast on it and also the malware bytes. They are awesome.
    Matt, you remember me.. Derek…the missionary from Eastman to the Philippines. You just never know who will suddenly show up on your blog 🙂

    • Matt

      @ Derek:
      Glad I could be of some assistance…if you still have trouble after those two have scanned let me know and i will email you some more detailed instructions. just let me know,

      and yes I do remember you, how are things going? and how did you happen upon my blog if you dont mind my asking?

  • djpray

    Things here in the Philippines are going good although it is not easy staying here and it is a lot different than being back in Georgia, but basically all is well. As for how I can across your blog; you were basically the subject of a prayer request someone sent to me several months ago 🙂 I guess there are not a lot of atheists there in Dodge County, so folks want me to pray for you. Then, if I recall correctly, I did a search for your blog and ragingrev came up. So every now and then I drop by here.

  • oh lord…have the prayer requests begun already?

    you gotta tell me who asked ya…you just have to…

    btw Derick…it was make a blog about my atheism and make it as public as possible, or it was have people continually spread unfounded rumors regarding satanism and shit like that…seriously…I was accused of it..