My Gripe with the T.E.A. Party

The following is a letter I recently wrote to the editor of my local newspaper, the Dodge County News. I am not sure if it will be published in the edition that should be coming off the presses right now, but I do expect it should be included in next weeks edition. I have included in my salutation that I am a fiscal conservative Atheist and included my website, hoping to get some feedback from the local folks but I am actually quite nervous about it. See, I am out about my lack of belief…I don’t do anything to hide it and if someone asks me anything about religion I am more than glad to let it be known that I am indeed an Atheist. I have not, however, made an uninvited public statement as of yet which is why I know that members of my family and the family of my wife may be surprised to know of this and it may be a shock to them. Therefore, before I post this letter, let me just explain a few things:


  1. I did not choose to be an Atheist, I simply chose to think critically about my religious beliefs and it led me to this place, I am not making an effort not to believe, I simply find it impossible to continue belief in any god especially the god of Christianity.
  2. This is not the fault of anyone, it has nothing to do with a less than perfect (though it had it’s high points, don’t get me wrong) family life or any sort of trauma over the problems that my family has had.
  3. I do not hate the religious, I respect those that wish to continue believing. I have no intention of fighting the religious establishment in this town publicly. I just want to see common sense used when political rallies are held and false pretenses are used to attract participants. I still believe in the freedom to believe in whatever god or gods you please so long as your belief does not drive you to harm other people, I would fight to keep that freedom for everyone if there was ever an attempt to take it away.
  4. My morals have not changed, there are no black robed satanic rituals occurring at my home nor any wild orgies. I still love my wife and am wholly dedicated to my marriage.
  5. None of my opinions, views, beliefs, or lack of beliefs are necessarily shared by my wife. She believes whatever she wants to believe and I have not made any effort to stop her from believing in god. Please don’t apply any words that you read here to my wife because they simply are not her statements. If you want to know about her beliefs or disbelief you will have to ask her though she doesn’t seem too very inclined to discuss those things with a whole lot of people.

If you came here after reading my letter please feel free to comment in the comments section, I will not censor any views so long as there are no threats made against myself or my family. Sometimes people do irrational things in the name of god and I know that %99.9999 of you would never do anything to harm another person, but for that individual that cannot tolerate questioning his/her beliefs people like me on occasion fear the repercussions of not participating in the status quo. I love my fellow man, I care about this country, and I worry about it’s future – this is why I wrote this and why I continue my blog in the way that I do.

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My Gripe with the T.E.A. Party of Dodge County Georgia


This Independence Day there was a gathering of concerned citizens at the ChasMar parking lot under the banner of a T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party. Who’s stated goal and purpose was to speak out against bad fiscal policies and overspending in our local, state, and federal governments; all of which are things that I think need to be protested and fought against as strongly as possible. I went to the T.E.A. Party expecting to protest these things and hear people talk about how spending is simply out of control in Washington and elsewhere. What I got was something entirely different.

I know that I live in a very religious minded community, so I would never expect even the most secular of functions to go on without some sort of prayer or homage to god. What I do expect is for a group of adults to keep their focus on the task at hand: taxes and wasteful spending. What I got was anything but that. I was fine with a prayer but I saw no real reason for a Christian Flag to be present, we were supposed to be protesting issues of government – not issues of faith. However, the flag was a mild disappointment compared to the speakers, two of four saying nothing or next to nothing about government policy and focusing almost entirely on getting America “Back to God”.

The worst of these had to be the preacher from Solid Rock Church of God (I can’t imagine why clergy were asked to speak about taxes anyway….they make a living off of a tax exempt business) who thought that this was his opportunity to rail against abortion and the Ten Commandments not being displayed absolutely everywhere, among other things that are generally fed to masses in order to get them riled up however far from the truth these things may be. The only substance of this speech was religious in nature or something along the lines of calling “liberals” a bunch of “communists” (It sounded as if he had never read anything by Marx or Engels – I digress). I didn’t go to hear that, nor was it advertised as a religious rally- so why was I subjected to it?

I don’t care if you and everybody else want to believe in god or Jesus, I would gladly lay down my life to make sure that your right to religious freedom is preserved in this country, but turning what is supposed to be a political rally into a parking lot revival is dishonest and rude to those that do not believe as you do and it completely avoids real solutions to real problems. Prayer and repentance are not going to change this nation, only action can do that while prayer is only an excuse to avoid getting your hands dirty. Alienating unbelievers that want to see conservative fiscal policies in this nation is a really bad idea so I recommend that from now on the TEA Party organizers stick to politics when it comes to the rally and put their religion anywhere else.

Another thing that was forgotten by every speaker and most attendees at the rally is the fact that the Bush administration hasn’t had a balanced budget in 8 years and that trillions of dollars have been thrown at Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight – what have these wars accomplished that sovereign people could not on their own? For some reason it was forgotten that bad fiscal policy didn’t start with President Obama, it began long ago and only got worse with Bush in office. If I remember correctly though, there were no TEA Parties in Dodge County for those 8 years, or even toward the end of his term when the TARP was signed. I reckon everyone was too busy praying for the President to notice all of his screw ups. Even during the primaries, when it actually mattered a little more – no TEA Parties. No one really seemed to give a rip until Obama got elected and simply continued the same bad policies of the old administration, too late now.

I was so shocked by the religious nature of the Dodge County rally that I had to go to the official website to see if this was what normally occurred at these events; I found out that most of the events actually focus on taxes…So I have to find fault with someone and I do: The organizers and speakers.  The organizers failed to find relevant individuals to speak on this subject opting for clergymen that couldn’t control their zeal and the speakers decided to use their time as opportunities to throw bible verses around proclaiming this nation a Christian one (A very very wrong statement). Let me remind you folks, America is NOT a Theocracy nor was it ever.

In closing let me just ask this of the organizers of the T.E.A Party for next time:

1: Focus on fiscal policy

2: Find qualified speakers

3: Include information on the cost of the war & foreign policy, protest that too

4: Remember that this isn’t something that began with Obama and avoid ad hominem attacks on his administration

5: Don’t preach at me

Matt Oxley

Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal, Atheist

  • good stuff! i'm gonna try to get a paper since i'm in town for a day or 2.

  • Matt I am highly impressed with this article. It was very well written, tactful, and poignant. I hope that you receive constructive comments on this from the residents of our home town of Eastman. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that this will happen as many people will probably find it better to attack you for your religious beliefs as they are different than theirs and simply for that fact that they lack the ability to respect beliefs that differ from their own. Personally I believe that the T.E.A. parties are nothing more than rallies to protest a president who is not white and not conservative and that taxation is just a convenient talking point to emit the anger toward our president from those still bitter about the election, but I digress…You know I don't always see eye-to-eye with you on a lot of things, but I still visit your blog quite "religiously" (wink wink) because I enjoy your musings. Maybe the readers who go on to comment have the same respect for you. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the future comment posts!

    • Alan, if you don't start agreeing with me on absolutely everything, you might end up in heck.

      • Heck…Is that Hell for Atheists?

        • i guess so,

          by the way, where did you get all these big words from?

        • Kathy T.

          I cannot for the life of me understand how either one of you can cut up about something as horrible as hell. If you want to find out just how horrible a place it is I encourage you to read "23 Minutes in Hell" which is a true story written by Bill Wiese. It is a story about what he saw, heard, and felt in torment. After you read the book, both of you might want to try and avoid this horrible, horrible place!! My prayers are with you both!

          • Kathy,

            I have read the book. The fact is though, that there is no hell. No heaven either.Both are merely lies made up by evil men in the pursuit of power over individuals and their minds. If your god created this place, and the evil within it, you can keep that god…he is not worthy of my attention, love, devotion, and he cannot have me. That god does not deserve me.

  • I can imagine the comments in my local paper. I have no idea if your paper ha s a web site or allows comments, but it would be interesting to see them.

    Great post!

  • The letter was excellent and it's too bad that it will not be understood by the people of Dodge County Georgia. I hope I'm wrong.

  • nice one, matt. very well said.

  • Dax

    You have huge ones.
    Good luck.
    (slowly and quietly slips out back)

  • MR2

    Excellent points Matt. Somethings to keep in mind when organizing any event.

  • Great letter. You are absolutely right on target with regards to what the purpose and intent of the T.E.A. Parties are supposed to be about. I've been to a few in my area and for the most part they stayed on topic. Occasionally someone would stray – and they usually got booed by the crowd. While I am definitely as Christian as they come – you are correct – these T.E.A. Parties are not, and should not, become parking lot revivals. Good call. I hope you get some positive response from this letter.

  • I think your letter is amazing, Matt!!!

    It amazes me how much different it seems to live down south. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and here I very rarely see religion brought into things. I was raised agnostic– as were the majority of my family. But I swear every time one of my family members move down south they turn into a believer. It's strange. Here the only time I really get religion shoved down my throat is if I try to go to an AA meeting. But that's understandable considering they're always in churches. If I ever seen it happen at a political rally like you did I'd be disgusted and leave. LOL

  • Excellent letter, Matt. It's a sign of how out of whack things have gotten, that we can't identify as "conservative" without the qualifier of "atheist," in order to distinguish ourselves from the people who've hijacked the term sufficiently that it automatically implies theism as part of the package. Those people are NEO-CONS, not conservatives! It's sad that most of them don't even know it. I'm more socially liberal than President Obama, yet he's being painted as a socialist! Language and labels have been twisted, and minds indoctrinated. It's frightening to watch.

    I live in Los Angeles and we've had a few TEA parties in various towns in the vicinity (I've yet to attend one, however). None of the video/audio or articles about any of them have shown them to be overly religious, although there are always plenty of Christians with signs or bible tracts at any gathering (every rally's a chance to get your face or your message on TV, after all). My guess is that the further away from the Coast you get, the more likely it is you'll see religious conservatives in bigger groups. Orange County (fictionalized as "The OC") is, of course, excepted… they may be coastal, but those folks are in the heart of staunchly Republican, Saddleback/Calvary Chapel country so there's ALWAYS a contingent of hardcore bible-thumpers no matter where you go (including the damned mall!).

    We've got plenty to bitch about, and no shortage of people with ideas & speeches at the ready here in Hell-A, so that's probably why it stays pretty on point. Helps that these guys sort of define the events:… – check it out. KFI is our "conservative" radio station, but the only god-bothering or woo generally comes from the usual suspects: Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, George Noory; and naturally, The Jesus Christ Show, which I happen to adore. 🙂 The rest of the hosts are pretty blatantly secular if not outright atheist.

    I suppose that's why I *can't* leave here… I'd get in trouble for SURE if I found myself in your situation because I simply don't have it in me not to strenuously and vociferously defend our right to Separation. It would be a matter of when, not if, the attacks would begin. Yeesh.

  • Jennifer PL

    Matt as someone who has known you and loved you truly as one of my favorite people since i met you in the 9th grade this letter truly broke my heart! You post on your home page that you do not want to criticize people in town for their beliefs but that is exactly what you did. You are mixing your political beliefs and your lack of religion and then disagreeing with others that are showing their beliefs. If you disagreed so much with the tea party, why didnt you leave, you have that right just as they have the right to speak freely. I remember when you were on fire for the Lord, I even visited your church because I had never had a student to invite me before and I was so excited to see you share your faith! You know that I love you and your wife, and have really tried to help both of you over the years, even with your business. I really do not understand how you can not see how blessed you are. Where do you think these blessings have come from?? There are so many things that God has had a hand in and he has such great things in store for you and he still loves you as do I. I will continue to pray for you and I have seen first hand the power of prayer!!

    I do not believe in God because I am in the South, and it is a little stereotypical and quite frankly a little ignorant for those of you who live elsewhere to make such statements. It upsets me more that you Matt are listening to and receiving encouragement from people that may not even know you. The people that love you will continue to.

    Eastman, GA

    • Sherry

      Jennifer I agree with you! He and I went to the same church when he was on fire for God and all that God had to offer him. I don't exactly know how or where all of these feelings that Matt has against God has come from. I was once engaged to a guy that has recently found out that he has a very rare cancer. The doctors have told him that he only has months to live… who is a doctor to tell anybody how long that they have to live? Only God has that power or right. I wish that Matt could see how the God that he doesn't believe in has worked in that guy's life and his family's. No explaination (or any other kind of explaination for that matter) for that one.

      • Hi Sherry,

        I don't really have a gripe with God, the gripe is with the claim of gods followers whom have no intention of proving his existence. I have lots of posts on different subjects like that, I recommend you explore some of the older posts here for a grasp on how I got to where I am now.

        Regarding Lance's sickness….I recently heard about this…for it I am incredibly sorry to hear it. This does not change the fact that if anything is keeping him alive longer than his given time my guess is that it would be the effect of scientific progression rather than prayer and spiritual supplication. Thank science, not god.

    • sherry

      I haven't been to church in a while, but I have not forgotten God or forgotten to thank him for the many blessings that he has given to me and the people around me. Doubt and questions are put in your head by satan. I heard the same sermons that you did. Remember? I was there just like you and I had to make a personal decision on what I agreed with and what I didn't. I don't usually give a crap what people think about or how they live their lives, but knowing you then has sparked something in me to comment on all of this. I do know the one thing in my life that won't leave me (even if I leave Him) is God. Guess what … God is still there for you and still loves you because you are saved. Nothing nor nobody can take that away from you. You made a life changing commitment with Him.
      You are a strong man, I just hate to see things in your life headed in this direction because of what you believe other people have driven you to. Your moma didn't raise no fool. She took you to church.

  • What part of Taxed Enough Already do people not understand? It's an anti tax rally, not a religious one. They misrepresented it. i know plenty of Christians that were upset by the lies of organizers like those of the rally Matt attended too.

  • Hi Matt,

    I liked your article – a lot..! You were right… I'm now going to make my affiliation with the 'Church' look suspect – but here goes; I loved the piece about those same Pastors benefiting from tax exempt status – dude, I was rolling when I read that… Did you know that Government information suggests that over 240 Billion in real estate is held (owned) by the 'Christian Church' – look at all those tax dollars not getting into the Govt. hands – me thinks those claiming Christianity need a revival of conscience as we've completely misused the resources that we've gotten our hot little hands on over the years and consumed those resources very selfishly – no wonder the 'world' won't listen to what we are trying to say… Ok, back off the soapbox… 😉

    These are tough times we are living in – I think we are beyond finding someone to blame – the nation isn't 'Going to go back to God' – we've progressed past all that – I for one am pretty happy about all that – it will give me more opportunities to actually help people who are hurting without all the baggage – if I were looking for opportunities to better understand Atheism, you strike me as a very good example – one to be respected and you make very solid arguments that make sense…

    Ok, bring it on – I'm sure there are some 'Christian' brothers and sisters out there getting ready to blast me… 😉

    • Nah, they are gonna hold all that blasting for me….our paper only runs once a week, its due out wednesday…..I just wonder how bad the fallout will be

      thanks for the kind words, you make good points

    • Nah, they are gonna hold all that blasting for me….our paper only runs once a week, its due out wednesday…..I just wonder how bad the fallout will be

      thanks for the kind words, you make good points

  • Liza Jane

    This is so sad… Matt you have the choice not to beleive in God. But, as a Christian I can't help but pray for your soul. I just can't understand how anyone can see the sunrise, witness the miricle of the birth of a precious child, or just to simply know the feeling of being loved, or to love another can deny that there is a one and only God. I would like to know exactly whats makes you not beleive in God when there is proof all around you.

    • Liza,

      I am sorry that you have been misinformed. Disbelief is not something I chose….it is something that I chose to accept once discovered. There are many unbelievers that go to church every Sunday, even unbelievers in the clergy that are afraid to admit to themselves and their congregations that they do not believe. They do not choose this….they just find belief impossible, just like I do.

      Simply put, the sun rises because the earth rotates around it – a gift of gravity, not god.

      Birth occurs because two sexual cells split their chromosome pairs and then rejoin them and those singular cells split over and over for 9 months arranging themselves according to the instruction set found within the genes. Miracles—maybe,

      Love – A chemical reaction in the mind that generates a feeling barely describable. Real- Yes, god-no

      If there was proof, I assure you that I would most certainly believe.

      • Liza Jane

        Well Matt, We will just have to agree to disagree. I'm not one of these people who will judge you for what you beleive.(or not beleive). I wish you well, your choice is your choice. I will continue to beleive in and love God with all of my heart. That is my choice. Have a great day.

      • Jennifer PL

        Ok then explain to me, where did the sun come from, where did DNA come from. How do you explain the creation of these things? As you watch a child grow in your womb, I do not believe you can just chalk it up to cells splitting, How was the brain and the eye formed? If there was a bang- who made the bang??

        This website is awesome and poses some questions from a former atheist and this is my favorite quote on the site :"It might be that the underlying reason atheists are bothered by people believing in God is because God is actively pursuing them."

        There are too many things that can not be explained by mere science, and by the way who gave those scientists the ability to do those things?? Oh I guess it couldnt be a God given talent, it must be a mutation of some sorts.

        One last question- do you not believe that man walked on the moon?? You didnt see that with your own eyes either.

        • Jennifer,

          The sun came from gasses gravitating toward one another after the big bang…long after. DNA comes from proteins being too close to one another….you can put millions of proteins in a jar of water and eventually they will start attracting one another create strands of information (RNA, DNA)…its true. The big bang is yet unanswered…doesn't mean god did it.

          Every student….im not giving them the time of day

          Regarding the moon…personally, im not so sure man ever did walk on the moon….there were lots of lies being perpetrated by our government at that time and still happens today….i lean toward it all being a hoax.

          • Harsh Patel

            The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard, who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. And Jennifer as for the Big Bang there is so much proof supporting it that only an truly idiotic person can avoid to believe it. There are things called Back Ground Radiation that is left over radiation from the big bang and not to mention Gravity Waves which still pass to and from time and you are more than welcome to Google the terms and find out more information about it if you so chose. The Human Body we know as today was formed through the complex process of Evolution which occurred through Mutation in the Genes of various different species. The bible you know today is just a book and thats all there is to it. Back in the days when people saw lightning they couldn't explain it so they associated that with a unseen force but now we know that lightning is the result of positive and negative charged electrons. and the Thunder is certainly not the devil beating his wife its the collision of electrons(lightning) with the atmosphere and due to friction and all the forces it makes a boom.

  • Bob


    I have read in some of your other posts that you say you performed exorcisms. Now you say you don't believe in God, then why do you say you have a special skill set to do exorcisms? If you say you don't believe in God, but you "perform" exorcisms, then you believe there is a devil. How can you say it is so hard to believe there is a God if you can believe there are demons and devils. If i could not believe in a God, then how can you believe there are evil spirits? That line of thought just doesn't make sense to me.

    "Can you see God? Have you ever seen Him? I've never seen the wind. I've seen the effects of the wind but I've never seen the wind."
    – Rev. Billy Graham

    Proof is not always in actually seeing something with your eyes, but the effects. Just because something can't be repeated in a scientific experiment doesn't mean it isn't real. There are millions of things on earth that a scientist cannot reproduce in a lab, but that doesn't mean they aren't there or that they don't happen.

    The earth is the perfect distance, perfect atmosphere, perfect axis with the sun. What is that a gift of? Other planets cannot sustain life. How is this one the only perfect one to inhabit human life?

    The birth of a baby, you said Miracles—maybe, but the definition of a miracle is

    1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
    2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
    3. a wonder; marvel.

    To use the word miracle ascribes the work to be done by something supernatural or a higher power. If you don't believe in a God, what makes a miracle?

    You want proof of God, prove to me there isn't one?

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the comment…

      The exorcism stuff is something I generally avoid because it is rather difficult to explain…I do not believe in evil spirits any longer, but i do believe that belief in something can make it manifest more readily for the one believing. Be it God,demons, or voodoo.Here is a recent post I did on the subject:

      The earth isn't quite perfect in all ways, hence we have natural disasters and disease…however you are correct, relatively small deviations in the distance of the earth from the sun could cause a vastly different earth, but likely not one without life….just likely a different evolutionary story. You should research the Drake equation, it may help you understand how likely it is that planets exist that have intelligent life on them…it's statistically nearly impossible that we do not exist….the location just happens to be earth that we exist on.

      Miracle: Being ascribed to a supernatural cause does not make the cause supernatural. Eclipses were once seen as miracles and signs….we know better now.

      I am afraid that the burden of proof lies with you….I am not making dramatic claims here.

      Do you have anything to say about the TEA party?

    • Liza Jane

      well said……..

      • maybe for Apologetics 98, but i'm a little more seasoned on both sides of these arguments to know that they aren't very good or convincing. They show a lack of research and experience. Thats ok though…stick around and we can all learn some things.

        • Bob

          Experience in what? I know what God has done for me and my family. I've experienced Him every day for almost 40 years. You completely avoided the whole part about the wind and how you do not always see things with your eyes but you see effects. I don't see the plates under the earth move that causes earthquakes. I see the effects of it when buildings and cities are destroyed. But what if I don't believe scientists. I haven't seen the plates, so I don't believe they exist. Does that mean earthquakes aren't real or that the plates don't exists? I have never seen the wind. I've seen the wind pick up things and move them and I've felt the wind as it hits my face. But I have never seen it. If i just say I don't think it exists because I haven't seen it is that going to make it disappear or go away? Just because I haven't seen these things with my eyes doesn't mean they are not there. You can deny that there is a God but you cannot deny when I have felt Him in my life. I have no burden to prove a point. You knew the truth and you have turned from it. The burden is on you.

          • Experience in apologetics –it was a hobby of mine for years.

            I avoided the wind because it makes no point….define the effects of God in the same way that you define the effects of the wind and I may bother answering it.

            The burden does lie with the believer…the unbeliever admits that there is no proof and the believer knows it and believes it anyway….so if you have proof then the burden is most definitely on you — if you came here to debate with me or appeal to my emotional weakness then I expect for you to understand the concept of burden of proof.

            If you go into a courtroom and say that someone has stolen a million dollars from you then you have to prove it…If I am the defendant and I say that you never even had a million dollars to steal, you might have to prove that it even existed before the judge will even worry about me.

          • I thought the whole definition of faith was to believe in something without proof.

            And if the religious think they have the market cornered on faith and that atheists have none or are incapable of it, they are sadly mistaken.

            Even something as simple as buying canned goods requires faith, since you have no way of knowing if the label's claims are true till you buy it, get it home and open it and see what is inside. Faith is required to buy it, in the first place.

            You do so because you have faith in the label on the can, believing what it says is true when you have no actual proof that what the label says is really in the can.

            There have been cases of people having faith in a can of pears and opening it up and finding just syrup and no pears. Or buying a can that said "carrots" on the label and then finding corn inside. So inaccuracies do occur.

            The religious have faith in a can they can't open. They have no idea what is inside, if anything at all. And without being able to open that can, there is no way to prove one way or the other what is in there.

            But like a good consumer, you DO have a choice to believe in God or not.

            Would you believe a whole 20 lb watermelon could fit in a tiny tuna fish sized can, despite the label saying one is in there? Why not? Because common sense tells you not to.

            Would you have faith in the accuracy of a label that says "fat free" on the front and in the nutrition information it says there is 100g of fat per serving? Why not? Because common sense tells you that it can't be both and at least one of them has to be wrong.

            Religious faith is slightly different, then. It's not only trusting a label and believing it's true with no way to prove if it is or not, since you can't open the can, it's believing it's true when common sense tells you it's not.

            With all the contradictions in the bible, it's just like my "fat free" example. With all the very unlikely claims, it's also like my watermelon example.

            And this is why atheists choose not to buy it.

            (yes, I am fully aware that I have used a classic apologetic argument in favor of religious belief in a slightly different way)

  • For anyone that has a problem with what Rev said, consider this:

    Imagine for a moment that you planned on attending a dinner party in which the meal was advertised to consist of a steak and a baked potato, served within the atmosphere of an upscale restaurant.

    But when you got there, you were handed a McDonalds cheeseburger and an order of fries, in the parking lot, instead of what was advertised.

    Would you be upset? Outraged? I would be.

    Now, even if I were a Christian, I would be upset by false advertising and bait & switch practices, which it seems this is exactly what Rev is complaining about.

    A political rally is supposed to be just that. If it's not, then anyone attending expecting it to be as advertised, has every right to complain about it.

    And for Christians that want to hold Rev's non-belief against him in this issue, imagine attending that same rally, expecting politics, and instead being subjected to nothing but the preaching of any other religion not your own.

    Would you have joined Rev in complaining if it had been Islamic clergy thumping their Quaran? Satanist clergy? Wiccans?

    I'll bet anything you would!

    • they would have an absolute cow….this I know
      awesome comment

  • William

    Yeah, I agree that politics need to be separated from each other as in you know, separation of church and state. People may get that confused unfortunately. I would be at a loss if I showed up to a political rally and was repeatedly preached about how we must get god back in the country and god bless America etc. He doesn't control taxes, we do, so it would be pertinent to stay on topic especially in all of this economic turmoil.

  • William, if that IS your real name

    This goes to the point that prayer and such are merely excuses not to perform real actions…pray and god will do the hard work….what a crock right?

  • William

    It's just so disturbingly out of touch with reality. Don't have a problem in most regards with religion as if you want to be religious that's fine with me, but when you start mixing it with politics… Politics + Religion = Catastrophe.

  • Sherry

    I have a little something to tell you and your so called anti-God ways. It is all about him. NOT YOU. I am so sorry that your life has turned the way it has, but hopefully one day you will come to see and change. Until then… God will be the center of the universe not you. Your little antics with this whole newspaper thing dosen't impress me or anyone else. So quit trying to gloryify yourself and leave the work to God. And Lance's situation is nothing short of God and only God working in ways that are not anything to do with man.

    • My life is great Sherry, I've never been happier in my life.

      How am I trying to glorify myself? Specific examples of that would be helpful. I am not trying to impress anyone at all, I am trying to keep so-called conservatives talking about taxes like they said they were going too rather than trying to force Jesus on myself and the rest of the country.

      Chill with the nasty attitude, no one will get anywhere like that

      • regarding Lance…

        Is he seeing a doctor?

  • Time for Ronny Daniels to step in and cause problems.

    On the internet. In the paper. What do these two phrases mean? Why, they are both places you could have found the list of speakers beforehand.

    Where was the outrage beforehand? Why didn't you try to get them on message before? Matt, I consider you and Bill both friends – but there is something to be said about the way you go about things. If you can identify a problem before it occurs and you do nothing, you are just as liable as those who started it.

    Common Sense should have told you what the event would be skewed too just from the speaker list. I refuse to believe you were ignorant enough to not notice this, and I must conclude that you went silently to cause a problem. Which is fine too, but let's drop this innocent bystander pretentious act you have got going on. If you see another Tea Party advertised, why don't you contact the organizers before the event.

    Or, you know, being that you were one of maybe 5 Ron Paul supporters in the entire county – we could get together and hold our own Tea Party focused on Tax Reform. Nothing stopping you. Or you could go to one of the other, Tea Parties in the state. I hear the one in Plains was excellent.

  • Dax

    Oh yes Kathy
    I went to hell too. I was only there for 22 minutes . I saw a lot of my friends and most of my wife’s friends who had died . It was steamim’. The worst thing I found was that the Scotch barrels(Oak of course) had holes in the bottom and the women did not. Now that’s Hell.

  • I love how it's turned into an "omg why don't you believe in god" fest and most people completely ignored the purpose of the post. The list of speakers was up but it didn't say they were only speaking about religion. Seeing that a reverend is speaking at a rally like that would lead you to believe that maybe the reverend had something pertinent to say on the subject and was dedicated to the cause that you were told you were showing up to support, not that he was using it as a platform to push his own completely unrelated agenda.

    I actually went to Dodge County High School for one semester before I decided to drop out or high school and get the hell out of Dodge(pun intended). One of my favorite and most annoying conversations I had with one of the super christian kids was that they had faith in the bible because the bible says to have faith, I'll never get how you can believe in something just because it tells you to.

    I thought your letter was great and this whole thread cracks me up.

  • godfather

    what the hell i hate to no that this is all dodge county has got to talk about. if yall want to fuss about something then fuss about that sorry ass sheriff yall got. Not on my watch lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I haven't checked your blog in a while (sorry, I haven't even been blogging myself, or else I would've kept up), but I just got linked this by Aimey. W O W your letter was amazing, you really write well. I'm so impressed and awed. You have my respect in a big way, Matt.

    Also, I think the reason that they probably preached about God so much is because they perhaps didn't even really know the facts so they stuck with what they were safe with.

    • Thanks cetta…um..hey…why don't you start updating your damn blog again?

  • green tea

    this is so gay matt is arguing with people about god which is something he doesnt beleive in isnt that like arguing if micky mouses balls are bigger than goofy's. Either way who gives a shit so what if matt burns in hell or if dont i realy dont care. but hey atleast this crap made me sleepy thanks ragging rev