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Your Stories – Eric vs. Fundamentalism

Today in Your Stories we have Eric’s story of combating fundamentalism in his own belief system. Eric is another friend of mine whom started his perpetual journey at around the same time that I did and we’ve talked at length about that journey over the years. Without Eric I’m not sure I would have made […]


The Slowest Process of my Life – Your Stories

The slowest process of my life (besides dying). By Anonymous Waking up from religion has been a multi-dimensional, multi-experiential process. You know the whole “layers of an onion” metaphor? In the case of extricating myself from religion, it’s more like peeling back layers of a multiverse with that uniquely painful phase involving the Sun (which […]


The Day I Gave Up My Hindu Faith

Today we have another episode of “Your Stories”. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post one of these, but this one comes from a friend of mine who shared this on his Medium account – when I read it I knew I had to share it with my own readers and help […]


Letting Go – Sarah’s Story

I’ve decided to start doing a regular segment on from readers who want to tell their own story about how they came out of their faiths. If you, as a reader, would like to submit your story please use the Contact Me link at the top of the page. This segment will be called […]


Why I’m an Atheist Activist in the Deep South

  There are a couple things everyone assumes about the people they meet here in the town of Eastman, Georgia; you probably vote Republican, and you probably self identify as a Christian; whether or not there is any evidence of that identification in your life. Eastman is your typical small town in the deep South, […]


Exploitation: Children in the Pulpit

A few nights ago my wife and I happened upon a National Geographic documentary called “Pint-Sized Preachers”. My wife said I shouldn’t watch it because she knew it would elevate my blood pressure. She was right. There are certain things that I consider grounds for engagement and exploitation of children is prime among them. This […]


Losing my Faith

  I found out yesterday that a local pastor used me in an illustration in one of his recent sermons. This was brought about because the pastor had seen a Facebook conversation or two that I had been in with a friend of mine that attends his church. When I listened to this I expected […]


Christian Neglect of the Bible

In an October 2000 Gallup Poll it was determined that, out of those polled, only 37% read the Bible on a daily or weekly basis. In my own personal experience, less than half of the professing Christians I know have ever read the entire Bible from cover to cover and don’t ever intend on doing […]