The Phil Robertson Rape Fantasy


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Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson clan of Duck Dynasty fame, is a diamond of the neoconservative right wing’s eye; he’s independently wealthy, loves to shoot guns, and believes that America is a Christian nation – and if you don’t like that you should get the hell out. Recently, when Phil Robertson was speaking at the Vero beach Prayer Breakfast, he shared – in Pentecostal pulpit style – what I’m calling the Phil Robertson Rape Fantasy, complete with murder and a beheading.

I’m going to attempt to break down Robertson’s insanity into chunks  and analyze what I think he’s really trying to say – right after I share this disturbing audio.

Note: This is disturbing stuff, not for the faint of heart or easily offended. Don’t listen if you don’t want to hear about murder, rape, and decapitation spoken in one of the most hateful tones possible.

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Phil Robertson believes atheists are moral relativists

Add that to the list of things Phil is wrong about, but this story is intended to illustrate that an atheist would suddenly find moral objectivity if forced to watch his wife and children raped and murdered.

You’ve all heard it before: God is the supreme moral lawgiver and without him you’d have no objective sense of morality.  Surely that’s the reason why atheists are, generally, in support of homosexual marriage and abortion as opposed to the idea that perhaps we see those things as prerequisites for a moral, free, and equal society with an empathetic foundation.

Phil Robertson believes you need to experience tragedy to come to god

Many Christians believe that the atheist is arrogant in his/her denial of god’s existence, and that that arrogance can only be cured by being humbled into obedience. I’ve had a number of those Christians come up to me and say something like, “I know you’ll believe again one day, I just hope it doesn’t take a tragedy to get you there.”

Any time I’ve heard it said I’ve always been left unable to speak and wondering, “How can you think that about another person – even in passing?”

My wife and I have had one another’s deaths used as scenarios for when we’d be forced to believe again by our own grief, the Phil Robertson Rape Fantasy is just a more extreme version of this cowardly threat that I would consider terroristic if I had any fear of their god at all.

Phil Robertson wants atheists and homosexuals to experience something tragic like his own scenario so that they can become slaves to his god too.

What Phil Robertson doesn’t know is that many of us are strong enough to endure practically anything on our own or with the help of our communities of friends, another testament to the power of humanity – and not god.The atheist is no stranger to tragedy, but we also aren’t strangers to the reality that life sometimes sucks and you just have to deal with it – that’s usually the first realization you have when you become a non-believer.

Phil Robertson wants you to feel uncomfortable in your own country

Robertson’s choice of imagery is no mistake. He’s using the most extreme stuff he can think of in his already violent mind to make atheists feel uncomfortable about being American’s.  Robertson, though a fool in his own right – is not unintelligent, he’s actually well educated and understands a thing or two about people – he just lacks the empathy to employ what he knows effectively.

Robertson wants you to feel alienated, like this might actually happen to you – to give you something to fear. He also believes that all atheists are bleeding hear liberals who don’t have guns in the home and do not purchase everything AR15 related, something he’s misguided on, so he believes we’d be unprotected from home invaders who are assumed to be gun toting Christians (and that makes sense, since the majority of the prison population consists of Christians and almost no atheists committing violent crimes).

I hope he doesn’t inspire anyone, because it almost feels like a warning.


I feel like Robertson said a lot in those few words. I think there was a great deal of subtext coming from a man who is known for using hateful words to say he loves you and spread the Christian “gospel”. I think he wants atheists to be afraid, to experience tragedy, and to find wisdom in his failure to understand morality – not because he actually loves anyone, but because he is convinced that in order to love god he has to spew hatred.

I think Phil Robertson is the new Fred Phelps.

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