Xmas Compendium

Just wanted to invite everyone to look at all my christmas posts of old…ahh, i still hate the holiday season…and i think you should all read the assortment of blogs i have done on the seasons… we even have a few letters from the fambly! they can be found here: Here and Here


Reason for the Season

The time of year has come again where Christians all over the US are proclaiming that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and that they intend to “Keep Christ in Christmas” in response to what many view as a secularization of a holiday that is solely dedicated to the birth of their Christ. This…


The Frontlines of The War on Christmas

If you’ve never been exposed to the annual deluge of commentary from Christian pundits and lay persons alike, consider yourself lucky. In America today, especially in the Bible Belt (where I so begrudgingly abide) you can’t look twice before you find someone claiming that there is some sort of “War on Christmas or Christianity”. I…

Black Friday post

Its Black Friday, and this is my post: Yesterday was Thanksgiving…. I don’t get into the sappy family thing much but here are some things i am thankful for: 1: My wife–she is pretty cool most of the time 2: Freethought–it has brought me to the happiest point in my life thus far 3: A…