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Atheists & Morality Rehashed

Russ, a Christian and Minister in the Missouri Synod of of the Lutheran Church, and I have been chatting with a certain frequency…for some reason it always lands on the subject of morality…we hit other subjects some times, but morality is one thing that we ALWAYS end up getting back to. Maybe I am not […]


Robert Asks: On the Morality of God

Robert posed a few questions on the Morality and God post that I thought deserved a little attention (actually, all of them from everyone were good, but this is a good easy place to start I think, the conversation that ensued after the post delighted me though, so thanks to those of you that participated, […]


Morality and God

Are morality and god interdependent? In other words, can morals exist outside of the spectrum of theism? Or, in other other words, is god the originator and defining substance behind morality? Recently myself and the Rev. Russ Troester had another long chat, this time we touched on the subject of belief in god essentially being […]


Atheist Experience on the Morality of God

The Atheist Experience is a weekly live call-in television show sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin . In the following sound clip a Christian calls in trying to support the idea that God (YHWH of the Bible and Jesus) is morally superior to mankind….I think the hosts of the show make some wonderful points […]


Is our society more easily offended?

Over the last several years, actually going back into the 90’s, certain groups have decried “Political Correctness” and what some call a culture of being easily offended. If you happen to be one of my followers or friends on Facebook you already know that I have a massive variety of people that come to my […]


The Pastors on Ashley Madison

If you’ve been living under a rock then you may not know that the popular infidelity site known as Ashley Madison was recently hacked by a group of moralist hackers with the intention of exposing those who were using the site to find people to have affairs with.   So far over 400 of the […]


The Phil Robertson Rape Fantasy

Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson clan of Duck Dynasty fame, is a diamond of the neoconservative right wing’s eye; he’s independently wealthy, loves to shoot guns, and believes that America is a Christian nation – and if you don’t like that you should get the hell out. Recently, when Phil Robertson was speaking at […]


Defending God and Genocide

I don’t spend the time on Facebook and Twitter making trouble (read: attempting to dialogue with Christians) that I once did . I do, on occasion, find reason enough to interject my opinions into discussions with believers and one such instance occurred rather recently. Morality is a subject many Christians feel they have the upper […]